“The secluded corner of a busy office room, throbbing with noiseless activity and tense with subdued excitement was not a place where a man now constantly preoccupied with the unseen, could pass several hours at a stretch always at the call of others, without running the risk of serious injury to his mental health.”
Gopi Krishna

Kundalini – The Evolutionary Energy in Man

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • first post in new series about the Doshas – purification by fire: http://bit.ly/bmB4sc #yoga #ayurveda #
  • open source wins again: Mozilla Weave vs. XMarks http://bit.ly/aNGrs2 #
  • Ken Robinson unrelenting in his journey to reshape education: http://bit.ly/ajH8nb #
  • "..static patterns of value are divided into 4 systems: inorganic patterns, biological patterns, social patterns and intellectual patterns. #
  • ..That's all there are..nothing is left out…Only Dynamic Quality, which cannot be described …is absent. #
  • ..the four systems..all operate at the same time and in ways that are almost independent of each other…they are not continuous.. #
  • Although each higher level is built on a lower one it is not an extension of that lower level. Quite the contrary.The higher level can often #
  • be seen to be in opposition to the lower level, dominating it, controlling it where possible for it's own purposes. #
  • ..An excellent analogy to the independence of the levels is the relation of hardware to software in a computer. #
  • ..It isn't necessary for a programmer to learn circuit design. Neither is it necessary for a hardware technician to learn programming. #
  • ..except for a memory map called the 'Machine Language Instruction Repertoire' – a list so small you could write it on a single page – #
  • the electronic circuits and the programs existing in the same computer at the same time have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. #
  • .. Machine Language instructions were …the end performance of a whole symphony of switching operations… Then ..[in] programming this #
  • symphony was considered to be a mere single note in a whole other symphony that had no resemblance to the first one… #
  • Machine Language Instruction Repertoire was now the lowest element of the lowest level programming language … #
  • ..On top of this low level programming language was a high-level programming language which had the same kind of independence… #
  • …and on top of the high-level language was still another level of patterns, the application, a novel perhaps in a word-processing program. #
  • …one could spend all eternity probing the electrical patterns of that computer.. and never find that novel. #
  • ..Certainly the novel cannot exist in the computer without a parallel pattern of voltages to support it. But that does not mean that the #
  • novel is an expression or property of those voltages….It can reside in a notebook but it is not composed of or possessed by the ink&paper. #
  • Trying to explain social moral patterns in terms of inorganic chemistry patterns is like trying to explain theplot of a word-processor novel #
  • in terms of a computer's electronics. You can't do it. You can see how the circuits make the novel possible, but they do not provide a plot. #
  • Similarly the biological patterns of life and the molecular patterns of organic chemistry have a "machine language" interface called DNA… #
  • but that does not mean that the carbon or hydrogen or oxygen atoms possess or guide life. #
  • The value that holds a glass of water together is an inorganic pattern of value. #
  • The value that holds a nation together is a social pattern of value. They are … at different evolutionary levels. #
  • These patterns have nothing in common except the historic evolutionary process that created all of them…a process of value evolution." #
  • open source wins again – KeepNote replaces Evernote: http://bit.ly/9f5XWn #
  • "If the world consists only of patterns of mind and patterns of matter, what is the relationship between the two? #
  • … A conventional subject-object metaphysics uses the same 4 static patterns as the Metaphysics of Quality dividing them into 2 groups of 2 #
  • : inorganic-biological patterns called 'matter', & social-intellectual patterns called 'mind'… this division is the source of the problem. #
  • ..It has to make this division because it gives top-position in its structure to subjects and objects..the primary division of the universe. #
  • Inorganic-biological patterns are composed of 'substance' and are therefore 'objective'. #
  • Social-biological patterns are not composed of 'substance' and are therefore called 'subjective'. #
  • Then, having made this arbitrary division..conventional metaphysics then asks: 'What is the relationship between mind and matter..?' #
  • ..In a value centered Metaphysics of Quality… matter is just a name for certain inorganic value patterns… #
  • ..biological..social..intellectual patterns are supported by this pattern of matter but are independent of it. #
  • They have rules and laws of their own that are not derivable from the rules and laws of substance. #
  • ..What, after all, is the likelihood that an atom possesses within it's own structure enough information to build the city of New York? #
  • ..Metaphysics of Quality concludes that… mind and matter are completely separate evolutionary levels of static patterns of value.. #
  • ..The mind matter paradoxes seem to exist because the connecting links between [them] have been disregarded. #
  • Two terms are missing: biology and society. Mental patterns…originate out of society, which originates out of biology, which originates #
  • out of inorganic nature… There is no direct scientific connection between mind and matter. #
  • As the atomic physicist,Niels Bohr,said, 'We r suspended in language'. Our intellectual description of nature is always culturally derived" #

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