“The only past which endures lives wordlessly within you.”
Frank Herbert

God Emperor of Dune

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

  • "The truth itself doesn’t have any name on it. To me. Each man has to find this for himself" John Coltrane http://bit.ly/cvLG6x #
  • The degeneracy of Yoga is now further degenerating into Yoga Therapy: http://bit.ly/cvLG6x #
  • just been brough to my attention that I put out an incorrect link – so here it is again – degeneracy of Yoga: http://bit.ly/aANML4 #
  • degenerated Yoga is now further degenerating into an risky illusion called Yoga Therapy: http://bit.ly/aANML4 #
  • The soul's yearning to experience is a precursor to the mind's illusion #
  • If you live in the UK/Bristol area, you may want to know about a rare opportunity to study Vedic & Mantra chanting: http://bit.ly/cKAMY4 #
  • strane night, powerful shifting energies, unsettling, woke up with burdened breathing #
  • Great talk by @spolsky on software&design: making decisions that users don't want or need 2 make: http://bit.ly/cglJrP cc: @raymondpirouz #
  • consumer dharma: by refraining from buying junk u r creating an opportunity for the people who make junk to do something better #
  • you never know what is going to find you in the unknown, but if you don't go there it never will #
  • Dear actual people who may actually b reading my twitter updates … &r into Yoga: please meet my Yoga teacher now on twitter: @YogaStudies #
  • RT A delightful and sweet gift to end a saturday @DominicMiller1 Proud Dad moment… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8UnPsLvtiA #

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