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Stuff I Did – Photography


We are taking apart our things, preparing to move to Romania in a few weeks. We have already whittled down our belongings a few times – so there isn’t too much. There is a lot of accumulated paperwork. As I’ve been sifting through it I’ve come across a few memoirs and memories.

I am using this transition down as a karmic cleansing – so I really don’t want to continue carrying around with me any unnecessary physical items. So I’ve done a little scanning and I am going to be postin up some memories – they are an opportunity for me to remember and cherish the richness of experience I’ve been gifted in this life (so far) and maybe even to make note and share a few interesting things I haven’t mentioned here before. This is the first post in a series which will go from the present to the past 🙂

A few months ago I took down my photography website – I wasn’t happy about it. Some of my work can be seen at SweetClarity, some here in the photography section and some found a pleasant home in the Reading Lila section.


My journey in improvisation was surprising, intense and sweet. I was invited in by by Shahar:

Within a year we produced a self produced solo exhibition. Some of my images decorated an interview with Shahar published in a cultural magazine in Tel-Aviv:

A couple of years later we began our retreat from the center area of Israel and our first stop in the area Shahar lives. It created many opportunities for us to work together and for a time I partook in his efforts to establish a studio and art-center in the area. I eventually faded away from that initiate, but his relentless efforts have born fruits and a new studio will be opening very soon:


I loved doing music concert photography. I had a bit of friendly support from a cultural events organizer who gave me access to many popular concerts. Later, as I got swept away into Shahar’s world of improvisation, I also spent quite a bit of time photographing improvisation musicians as well. My images decorated an occasional printed invitation or concert notice:

I was honored to be approached by two inspiring musicians who asked to use my images as cd covers:

I was even approached once by Spin magazine about publishing an image I took of Balkan Beat Box (third at the bottom of the page):


I had a short stint with sports photography. I went out once to photograph a running event in the city and ran into an ambitious teenager who was both into sports and the internet – and together we did some nice things together. One of my images made a cover of a local sports magazine.

A set of my images decorated an entire article:

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