“Real art is not knowing where you are going, but are listening intently to something you don’t understand. And if your ego doesn’t interfere, this something you don’t understand may guide you to much more than you ever expected.”
Robert Pirsig

October 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-23

  • curious expression of japanese culture in skiing slalom race – when most athletes miss a gate they stop and express some kind og anger #
  • twice 2day, I've seen japanese athletes come to a screeching halt, climb like crazy 2the gate and complete the track … intense commitment #
  • they have no chance of winning but they will do whatever it takes to finish the track … they don't hesitate at all … they just do it #
  • more thoughts on house heating requirements; stove-heat that is already available used for… almost everything else http://bit.ly/e0X7Ei #
  • a little confession about what I mean when I say "sustainable": http://bit.ly/hbPajD #
  • hug to the right – bring hearts together! #
  • if you are considering building a hemp home in the UK you really should check out Modece Architects: http://bit.ly/g5TFof #
  • just received a 1st quote for designing a custom heating system – still can't believe we are really doing this #
  • building with hemp removes so many insulation related framing issues – makes the work so much simpler and cleaner #
  • same goes for all firestopping framing elements – hemp is cast around the frame, sheathes and protects the wood and is also fireproof #
  • but when building with hemp u need to add extra framing elements for hanging things like high kitchen cabinets that a hemp wall cant support #
  • Andreea gone 2meeting about local grown hemp, I'm reading about framing and l8r we have a meeting with the dean of faculty of architecture #
  • @ecominimalnick civilizations seem to also decay by doing many important things without thinking of them …once more balance is needed #
  • we met with some eco-skepticism today so I thought I'd try to separate the bullshit from the real shit: http://bit.ly/gNhvAb #
  • @gregorylent yep 🙂 as far as we know, the 1st hemp-built house in Romania! #
  • @gregorylent thank u 🙂 here's a gr8 hemp building video: http://bit.ly/hOTpaG and an in depth free ebook: http://bit.ly/gIVHns #
  • there's only one USA company actively present in my life – they still think "spend more save more" is a good business proposition … sheesh #
  • realizing that we are not only building the first hemp house in Romania – but also the 1st Romanian hemp building team 🙂 so much fun! #
  • listening to Puff the Magic Dragon (Peter Paul & Mary) – you should too: http://bit.ly/UlHEB really 🙂 #
  • careful is literally "full of care" not full of fear #
  • @Shuliji #omcru yes 🙂 #
  • waiting and not doing created space and space carried me beyond survival: http://bit.ly/dGanuI #
  • @Shuliji 🙂 @karmapawo @espritrelax #
  • @msurman I'd be happy to try and help you create a WordPress look of your own #
  • I love that we both go crazy for the soupish substance left over from cooking lentils …. delicious #
  • back to the basics #
  • learning to read architectural plans – feeling proud that I can make some sense of these diagrams: http://bit.ly/eOmIJB #
  • and now we find this person talking about hemp construction rooted in vedic philosophy IN ROMANIA: http://bit.ly/ezNbYf #
  • there's comes a point in every chocolate cake's life where the slicing needs to shift to a perpendicular direction #
  • though I doubt there r many self-builders among you – this an excellent free eBook about concrete http://bit.ly/ehgtLY from down-under! #
  • a trillion is a miliion million #
  • observing my last two weeks of Pranayama – there has been a rich mixture of refinement, chaos and sound: http://bit.ly/eAuwhV #

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