“Our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness provided the madness is given us by divine gift.”

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-13

  • when you really care about something there is no "maybe": http://bit.ly/eGSTSF the question is then what do you really care about? #
  • "… it's not the materials but the builder that makes a building green" http://bit.ly/fdDVLs #
  • I am saying this because I can, it's true & it blows my mind … heading out soon to another Romanian peasants meeting http://bit.ly/eFjsPi #
  • I know of only one book that seriously approaches hemp-lime based construction: http://bit.ly/fJryhv #
  • looking for a Good php open-source software for basic project management … and couldn't find a single one #
  • there are so many projects out there putting so much effort into development …. but such horrible design #
  • it pains me to the see the huge effort that goes into an open-source and the poor results that it delivers #
  • open-source has a very poor understanding of design and user experience … what a waste #
  • @raymondpirouz agreed, but u r talking about good design … open-source has zero design awareness … 1st some design … then we'll see #
  • @emirce I stopped looking … lousy products, wasteful and sad … using a desktop client on Ubuntu and will try exporting to HTML #
  • a super-cool invention "hydro-electric-barrel": http://bit.ly/fMUb12 #
  • ideology sucks … go get a heartology instead #
  • our first excursion to see land for creating a home in #romania was with friends in Suncuius http://bit.ly/hUVdLs #
  • @lifeinromania thanks for the shout out 🙂 The article has its quirks – a better version should be coming out soon in the national version #
  • even though my Pranayama practice has improved greatly I chose not to change it yet: http://bit.ly/f7Bboj #

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