“Your flaw is to seek convenient explanations, explanations that fir you and your world…The explanation is not what you would call an explanation; nevertheless, it makes the world and its mysteries, if not clear, at least less awesome. That should be the essence of an explanation, but that is not what you seek. You’re after the reflection of your ideas.”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-24

  • back from a long weekend in Bucharest with a great car that we drove all the way back home #
  • @lifeinromania thanks 4the headsup on Wizzair – I was trying 2book a flight from Cluj … it disappeared and is now from Targo Mures 🙁 #
  • @lifeinromania thank you very much! I will let her know about it. looks like you are accelarating into the heart of the city's currents 🙂 #
  • A refreshing Shakuhachi performance – change has come: http://bit.ly/hlU0mW #
  • finally leaving OpenOffice and moving forward with LibreOffice: http://bit.ly/hhhJfX #opensource #
  • today: clean house, learning about grey-water systems, delicious vegetable pie & joyful 3d images of our future house #romania #
  • so we got a car … big deal … but it is actually another experience on our super magical growing list of firsts: http://bit.ly/fGF0Oh #
  • I was just reminded of this great video – if you haven't already seen it please do – "You Need To Get Off Facebook": http://bit.ly/eI7XZc #

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