“What is called good is perfect and what is called bad is just as perfect.”
Walt Whitman

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-08

  • is that a fact? http://t.co/kbyhaRqQ #
  • finally found some answers on how to avoid concrete spacer-blocks in Earthship tire-walls http://t.co/OfZgj8Zi #
  • @lifeinromania excellent post on Romanian being brats: http://t.co/aZKupEcZ However: http://t.co/8PYIjnpZ #
  • @raymondpirouz is that a fact too? http://t.co/kbyhaRqQ 🙂 #
  • @raymondpirouz shall I start a collection? that's an inherent destiny of intellectual knowledge … temporary, fleeting … mostly wrong 🙂 #
  • @raymondpirouz "From the perspective of subject-object science, the world is a completely purposeless, valueless place" http://t.co/O7Mivtjm #
  • @raymondpirouz oh and … are the consequences of Greenspan's "intellectual growth industry" so beautiful? #
  • @raymondpirouz has the price of that venture been acceptable to you? is there a price that will cease to be acceptable to you? #
  • @raymondpirouz Intellectual knowledge CAN be a growth industry. Question is … what leverages it in that direction? #
  • @raymondpirouz would you be able to tell the difference between civilization evolving and devolving? do you consider devolving an option? #
  • @raymondpirouz No, with the yin comes an excess of yin … you must introduce yang to achieve a better balance of the two #
  • @raymondpirouz or live with an excess of yin … and wait for the messiah to arrive #
  • @raymondpirouz "the overall picture is of moral movements gone bankrupt…the result has been a drop in both social and intellectual quality." #
  • "a whole society that has given up on Dynamic improvement and is slowly trying to slip back to Victorianism" http://t.co/w9ejIESF #
  • @raymondpirouz mankind isn't slow in that department … its moving backwards … devolving … deteriorating … in a intellectual way! #
  • @raymondpirouz "The world was no doubt in better shape intellectually and technologically but the ‘quality’ of it was not good … #
  • @raymondpirouz …There was no way you could say why this quality was no good. You just felt it." http://t.co/xKjfh4es #
  • @raymondpirouz be careful "with the yin comes the yang" is intellectual slouching … sounds right (and smart) but is wrong! #
  • @raymondpirouz and such intellectual slouching is a sign of our times .. it is easy to label it "forward movement" but dat dont make it so! #
  • @raymondpirouz intellectual industry has lost touch with its purpose, its spinning around squirting useless (intellectual) junk #
  • @raymondpirouz you stepped on my shit 🙂 I'll leave you and go make a fresh cup of tea 🙂 #
  • @raymondpirouz cherry on top for our conversation: Raymond, Twitter, Vagina: http://t.co/RontbP60 (ducking to avoid spam from using v-word) #
  • still not clear on how expansive clay soil on our land will treat an Earthship – this is what I've come up with so far: http://t.co/jsJzLdyw #
  • design: http://t.co/TiVkNJFk "I wanted 2go swimming – didn’t want 2make a career of struggling 2get2 the water." #

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