“We don't perform religious rituals because we believe in God. We believe in God because we perform religious rituals.”
Robert Pirsig


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-15

  • Yoga can wreck much more than your body http://t.co/IG7PQjke cc: @YogaStudies #
  • b4 we start to fix the world we should first observe what is it inside us that gets satisfaction from thinking the world needs fixing #
  • WordPress 3.3 media uploader – another example of developers developing for developers http://t.co/2RO8tSjI cc @WordPress #
  • it looks like our gals have started laying eggs too 🙂 3 new eggs today #
  • @lifeinromania re: Indians http://t.co/IlQtzEzb and if you haven't you really must read Lila http://t.co/32tS9BiI #
  • @lifeinromania The "Western Romania" is indeed dying, but there is a traditional Romania (peasants) in which there CAN be a beautiful future #
  • water infrastructure series continues – this time lots of underground digging works: http://t.co/VqKECZKR #
  • huge relief: the puppy has stopped peeing like a bitch and is proudly raising his leg … for a while there we thought he wouldn't get it #
  • the honey at the bottom of the jar … pour hot water into the jar, shake it up and you've got sweetened tea water 🙂 #
  • content is more valuable then SEO … don't take my word for it … here it is directly from Google: http://t.co/P5AmOoZR #
  • @dallasclayton have you heard Daniel Johnston http://t.co/i3oSW1m3 ? #
  • Feminitate passes 1,000,000 page views and exemplifies the miraculous potential of a Dharma driven website: http://t.co/OsNuGJvY #
  • thought: male has a doorway through discipline, female has a doorway through womb #
  • I am getting better at distinguishing between male/female and man/woman #
  • I live with a powerful feminine presence and an intense woman … and if I confuse the two I can get in big trouble! #
  • suddenly http://t.co/cYFb6Icv #
  • Israel did have good music and good wine #
  • and music is lovely in a cob house … soft walls make beautiful sound … and speaking of cob #
  • want to see cob at work … walk outside our house a bit, collect mud on boots then walk through some hay = brick on foot #
  • @dallasclayton from when I was naive 🙂 flowers: http://t.co/7hSauXLa #
  • our ducks are maturing & its so easy to mistake their sexual behavior as violence #
  • not all cookie crumbs are created equal #
  • day started with slush, then rain, then sunshine and now a snow-storm (my first) … all in a 6 hour period of time #
  • huh … and I had plans to cut some firewood with the chainsaw today … huh huh double huh #
  • @shanacarp depends on how many chips chip off and make it to the crumb pile! #
  • delicate beautiful color palette outside: http://t.co/fFHUBlJB #
  • "The teacher needs a system of possibilities, a map, but the needs of the student [a journey] are paramount." Paul Harvey @YogaStudies #
  • "I do not care, and I do not care, and I do not care." a fantastic report from CES http://t.co/qUXAbNr0 #
  • @suifaijohnmak Facebook doesn't know a thing about me: http://t.co/G1Bi8sRr #
  • daily http://t.co/IgVtKdkd report: divine intervention #

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