“You would also do well to remember that what I say and how you perceive what I say can be completely different depending upon your awareness of yourself and the level of skill you have attained.”
Miyamoto Musashi translated by Stephen F. Kaufman

The Martial Artist’s Book of Five Rings

Turns out Ignorance isn’t Bliss


Amazing to watch a society self-combust:

“Three days of national mourning have been declared by the authorities in Egypt after at least 74 people died in clashes between rival football fans in the city of Port Said. Hundreds more were injured as fans invaded the pitch after a match between top-tier clubs … Protest marches are being planned for Thursday against the police’s inability to contain the violence … Police in Egypt have been keeping a much lower profile since last year’s popular protests that ousted President Hosni Mubarak from power.”

When you are an individual, for example – a drug addict, you can try and turn to your friends or family and ask them to protect you from yourself. Who can a (just revolutionized) society turn to when it kills its own people and then demands of itself to protect it from itself? I doubt this is curable … most likely a dying culture (and they are not the only ones). Maybe instead of three days of national morning bullshit they should have a day of rememberance of the Mayans or some other forgotten culture that thought it would last forever and self-combusted.

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