“Finally, I don’t understand humans. We line up and make a lot of noise about big environmental problems like incinerators, waste dumps, acid rain, global warming and pollution. But we don’t understand that when we add up all the tiny environmental problems each of us creates, we end up with those big environmental dilemmas.”
Joseph Jenkins

The Humanure Handbook

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-12

  • Harry, one of our dogs is missing, didn't show up for dinner last night and hasn't showed up since – cold and fresh snow all around 🙁 #
  • @raymondpirouz I'm sure there r enough fearful/greedy investors with money lying around who'll buy into Facebook's position of exploitation #
  • @raymondpirouz not to mention naive people who will buy into the moving "social first business second" #
  • @raymondpirouz not to mention "simple folk" who will be happy to add Facebook 2their portfolio … just in case they can make an easy buck #
  • @raymondpirouz isn't short-term is enough term if people looking to make fast money get in and out in time? #
  • @raymondpirouz agree ON ALL ACCOUNT – Facebook's IPO is a gambling game designed for Facebook to win. Period. #
  • @raymondpirouz Welcome to the age of Fear & Greed 🙂 There is no "public offering" there is "public stealing" #
  • @raymondpirouz and public exploitation is perfectly suited for a company who's business strategy is exploiting it's users … #
  • @raymondpirouz Though U&I will not accept … we r still partofa bigger system (global economy?) in which we live that will EMBRACE facebook #
  • @raymondpirouz and I'm not convinced that tweeting about it … is enough! #
  • the fresh falling snow has very little regard for the work I did in the morning clearing paths … nature, go figure! #
  • @raymondpirouz I don't mean to sound like a military drill officer … but are those your true limits of your comfortable ones? #
  • @raymondpirouz I don't understand. #
  • @raymondpirouz oh, in my book schools are bankrupt. ideally "teaching" should be present/available when learning (in life) is taking place #
  • @raymondpirouz I am grateful my kids won't have to go to school … I hope to create a life that wraps them in inspiration #
  • @raymondpirouz school has no relevant context … or if it does have one (slavery?) then it is one I prefer to avoid #
  • moving forward with the water infrastructure story – these are the materials we selected for the installation: http://t.co/iD18EP4M #
  • How did intellect become destructive? "Knowledge has grown away from [its] historic purpose & become an end in itself" http://t.co/izCLa4kR #
  • SSDD It wasn't protests that got the Romanian prime minister to resign http://t.co/XuhbUI8e by @lifeinromania #
  • wanted to go and pick up Andreea from the city train station … but freezing again and the car won't start again 🙁 #
  • @iandstewart have you heard this Leonard Cohen track? http://t.co/Ec6Wgj1k (mind you – not his words!) #
  • #grateful 4a practical life consciousness emerging from the teachings my teachers shared with me: http://t.co/AdcHFnRx cc @YogaStudies #
  • limited expression: http://t.co/G1iER2yM #
  • my teacher left a precious gift in her comment http://t.co/8NVeGzcV : in hebrew emun = faith & imun = practice a shared root! "amen" 🙂 #
  • next up in the water infrastructure journey – electricity: http://t.co/u0E5W18k #
  • "It’s the individual that’s finished. It’s the single, solitary human being
    who’s finished." http://t.co/t9ogsPiL from @lifeinromania #
  • "There is nothing but love here for you" http://t.co/8SkSa00E #
  • land water and hopefully a new economy http://t.co/pjV2D0ZY #
  • the water series – this time installing the pump and why it froze http://t.co/Vute499U #
  • 28-non-financial-benefits-of-business-blogging (only 2 of which I contributed) http://t.co/0IRm0oue #

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