“The nagual is the part of us which we do not deal with at all ... At the time of birth, and for a while after, we are all nagual. We sense, then that in order to function we need a counterpart to what we have. The tonal is missing and that gives us, from the very beginning, a feeling of incompleteness. Then the tonal starts to develop and it becomes utterly important to our functioning, so important that it opaques the shine of the nagual, it overwhelms it. From the moment we become all tonal we do nothing else but to increment that old feeling of incompleteness which accompanies us from the moment of our birth and whichs tells us constantly that there is another part to give us completeness”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-22

  • better gardener, better friend http://t.co/a6EQqgHf #
  • Dear @Jason no, not everyone: http://t.co/elwb5FRF cc: @raymondpirouz #
  • so sad/hillarious to read Google ranting about threats to a free Internet http://t.co/naVh5zY2 …hyprcritical times we live in #
  • if you haven't already heard of Sepp Holzer (a revolutionary Austrian farmer) you may want to take a look: http://t.co/cAgz0q6P #
  • dharma: I am working on the @CutiaTaranului information system while Andreea sitting next 2me is speaking 2a peasant who wishes 2join #
  • @lifeinromania multumesc 🙂 funny thing is I don't like writing code, but the sense of purpose (http://t.co/O6zQWm5t) is so moving 🙂 #
  • @iandstewart though u should know … greatest obstacle for me to trying '_s' is thematic … seems u r on a good role 🙂 #
  • typical romanian village alarm & deterence system: dogs; typical system override: bones 🙂 #
  • in case your faith in life has been wavering: http://t.co/AvlwP96x #
  • @lifeinromania it may be a long stretch but … cancer, inequality, #romania http://t.co/zI6wiObB #
  • a fantastic side-effect of @CutiaTaranului – reaching a younger generation: http://t.co/5ChoAKjs #
  • the last two days a working crew has been laying a 2nd layer of gravel on the road to Bhudeva … #
  • & it seems we've been gifted – as they will also b covering with a 2nd layer (we did the 1st) the last 200m stretch that comes up to us 🙂 #

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