“Take good advice, make sure it is good advice, then do it your way.”
Vidal Sasson

The Element

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-13

  • @raymondpirouz somewhat chilling watching those wall street screens after the PBS Frontline special Power, Money & Wallstreet #
  • avem multa owa si nu avem kloshka … asta este 🙂 #romania #
  • I'm going to be sharing some of newfound appreciation for hebrew: http://t.co/5rsA4RnB #
  • starting with גשם – that's hebrew for "rain": http://t.co/97nZVRCn #
  • @raymondpirouz if Buffet said then … Buffet said: http://t.co/NRrv9MtI 🙂 #
  • here's what happened with our second bee standard-hive to top-bar-hive transition: http://t.co/LCjlVHw9 #
  • our neighbors have lent us a broody hen … maybe she'll get our gals into the mood 🙂 #
  • the hyper-intellectual theories of dull eyed men wearing dull colored suits are dulling humanity … off with their dullness #

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