“Immoral governments tolerate desertification and land salting, concreted highways and city sprawl, which take more good land permanently out of life production than the loss of territory to a conqueror.”
Bill Mollison

Permaculture: A Designer's Manual

Space Junk Alert


That’s not a title I made up … according to a BBC article space above the earth has become pollued with debris that is posing a threat to satellites, the international space station and essentially anything else operating up there. Given the speeds in which things orbit around the earth, it seems that anything the size of a baseball could do major damage … and that damage will (besides posing a threat to critical equipment and human life) generate even more dangerous debris until earth becomes trapped in a “no go” zone … in which case launching space ships may become akin to playing Frogger.

It seems that “leave it as you found it” may actually be a good idea and should be applied not just to camp grounds 🙂

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