“Don Juan had always said to me that our great enemy is the fact that we never believe what is happening to us… when we finally realize what is going on it is usually too late to turn back. He contended that it is always the intellect that fools us, because it receives the message first, but rather than giving it credence and acting on it immediately, it dallies with it instead.”
Carlos Castaneda

The Second Ring of Power

Greed Lashes Back


As I was watching this video about the Facebook IPO I found no sympathy for anyone … from Facebook, NASDAQ to the individual investor. Anyone who was in on the Facebook IPO was there to take make money – to ultimately take something away from the table (in a game which requires that you first put something on it). It’s the first time I’ve heard Mark Zuckerberg speak, if only for a few seconds … and … let me just say this … NO ONE who partook in this financial adventure was there to make the world more open and connected. EVERYONE was there to make a profit. When you get such a massive influx of misdirection … it practically needs to fail. Then is it only natural that (a) the strongest players (smart money) have setup the game in such a way that they will win no matter what and (b) everyone else is left scrambling … and looking for someone else to blame.

Video link compliments of Raymond

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