“The music is in effect telling us about a future existence in which love and cooperation have replaced strife and oppression. Once we have achieved a glimpse of that future state, our present mode of life becomes increasingly intolerable: who could be satisified with prison after having breathed the sweet air of true freedom?”
Frank Kofsky

Coltrane: The Story of a Sound

Let’s Make Money Like Grains


“When did we decide and why did we decide that the best way to run the world is to make it a mathematical maximization problem? Where is the heart of that? Where has it brought us? Do we really want more of the same?”

A couple of months ago Andreea sent me a link to Charles Eisenstein‘s blog post about permaculture and he’s been with me since. I am looking forward to reading his book Sacred Economics. This video is a great opportunity to share him with you:

I thought that I was crazy when I was thinking about an economy without a money multiplier … and here is someone talking about negative interest.

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