“The state of mind of the photographer creating is a blank. I might add that this condition exists only at special times, namely when looking for pictures. (Something keeps him from falling off curbs, down open manholes, into bumpers of skidding trucks while in this condition but goes off duty at other times.) ... This is a very special kind of blank. A very active state of mind really, it is a very receptive state ...”
Minor White

When More Heroes Crash


I just recently noted about heroes crashing into the ground … and then today this came across me. Paul Graham is indeed a startup-hero and most definitely needs to come crashing down to a more proper “person” level … for the benefit of many. For me, thankfully, came crashing down a long time ago when he spoke out about art.

Paul Graham invented and operates a formula … it may sometimes work for some people in some contexts. It is a mistake though to view his as “the formula” it’s just “a formula”. It’s also a mistake to condone him for preaching a lousy lifestyle. He didn’t invent a lifestyle … he invented a money making machine. Sacrificing lifestyle is practically inherent to his invention. A more efficient target would be his purpose, not his tool.



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