“We went beyond where we should have gone”
Jack Johnson

A bigger storm headed our way?


With a sense of irony I write these words as a devastating storm strikes the north-east of the North American continent. According to weather maps the storm should have passed over the area where my sister lives and there is a good chance she is without electricity.

To many it may seem that the eye of the economic storm has passed … business seems to be as usual, numbers go up and down, employment rates go up and down, there are optimists and pessimists, losers and opportunists, politicians coming and going … debates … but I have a feeling that a bigger storm is still ahead.

What if what we’ve experienced so far are merely first ripples – a slight surge before a might tsunami? What if the deep moral corruption expressed through global economics of recent years has left behind deep festering wounds which have yet to come to the surface and fully manifest?

I find it fascinating that social forces that can only set society on a degenerative trajectory choose names that hint of progress to a better future. Golden Dawn? More like Pitch-Cold Black.

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