“And thus you will dance to your death here, on this hilltop, at the end of the day. An din your last dance you will tell of your struggle, of the battles you have won and of those you have lost; you will tell of your joys and bewilderments upon encountering personal power. Your dance will tell about the secrets and about the marvels you have stored. And your death will sit here and watch you.”
Carlos Castaneda

Journey to Ixtlan

Making Impatience


From GigaOm via Raymond Pirouz:

“A new study reports that faster internet connections have made viewers more impatient, and that people begin abandoning videos if they don’t load within two seconds. Every second of additional delay results in approximately 6 percent more viewers jumping ship.”

I am assuming that this “information” is supposed to inform those who wish to publish videos online that they need to deliver their goods fast(er) because people are impatient. Faster connections will make users more impatient. More impatience will push providers to provide information faster … impatience will be addressed and rewarded. Is this not a vicious feedback cycle that breeds more impatience? Are short and nervous attention spans created by technology or by its creators?

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