“Paradox is a pointer telling you to look beyond it. If paradoxes bother you, that betrays your deep desire for absolutes.”
Frank Herbert

God Emperor of Dune

Spectacular Engineering, Devastating Arrogance


The BBC have been doing a project on Skyscrapers. I just now caught up with it.

The engineering behind these things is mind-blowing … practically magic. The fact that we can create such things is a testament to our limitless potential to innovate and create.

However the direction in which we are applying our potential is devastating. The amount of natural resources, energy and human work involved in creating and operating these things is … beyond comprehension. There is no way that this mode of existence can be viable or sustainable. In my opinion anyone who thinks it is is either ignorant (misinformed) or arrogant (informed but dismissive). The fact that we can do this does not mean we should.

Though some may argue that in places like Singapore there is no other option other than going up. I would argue that there is another option: accepting that Singapore cannot continue to grow. I appreciate that such an option is unfathomable in moder-man consciousness. But that is not sufficient logical ground to dismiss it.

It pains me to see such a terrible waste of resources and energy on such temporary and short-sighted solutions. The solutions are temporary. The waste is permanent.

Isn’t it also interesting that these are all endeavors of men … not a single woman was shown participating in the creation of these monstrosities.






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