“… everything in the world is a force, a pull or a push. In order for us to be pushed or pulled we need to be like a sail, like a kite in the wind. But if we have a hole in the middle of our luminosity, the force goes through it and never acts upon us.”
Carlos Castaneda

The Second Ring of Power

Egypt and Journalistic Emptiness


I’ve been marginally following the events unfolding in Egypt over recent months as they have been making headlines. I am amazed, time and time again, how superficial the reporting has been. It seems that the west (the online media I consume it western) is only interested in sensational conflict – protests, injuries, escalation. Not once have I seen investigative journalism that reached into the heart of the matter. What did the presidential decree include? How did it relate to the existing legal system and constitution? Why ws the constitution changed? What was missing or weak in the existing constitution? What is the new constituion like? Where are its weaknesses? How can a national referendum on something as central as a constitution be passed with only a third of the electorate participating in the vote?

I wonder if this perceived  external emptiness reflects an internal emptiness that exists inside Egypt too? Are we witnessing a country evolving or a revolution where Islam takes over under dressed up as a false democracy? Has the model western democracy become so empty that we are now witnessing that emptiness being copied over and applied to evolving countries like egypt?

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