“What is called good is perfect and what is called bad is just as perfect.”
Walt Whitman

Self Control and Facebook


This entertaining post on … ummm … how using Facebook can make you fat was brought to my attenion by Matt. However on the heels of completing (yesterday) my first reading of Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics, what caught my attention most was this:

“The final experiment of the study found that those people who reported higher self-esteem and lower self control from browsing Facebook happen to have a higher body mass index and more credit card debt.”

If you are alive in a human body (just in case you are reading this from a future in which you can download your consciousness onto a memory stick) then obviously you have a body mass index. Apparently it has now beecome just as obvious (at least in the USA) that you also have credit card debt … so much so that it can be used as a reliable indicator in supposedly scientific research.

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