“Truth is indestructible. It seems history shows (and it’s the same way today) that the innovator is more often than not met with some degree of condemnation; usually according to the degree of departure from the prevailing modes of expression or what have you. Change is always hard to accept…. Quite often they are the rejects, outcasts, sub-citizens, etc. of the very societies to which they bring so mush sustenance… Whatever the case, whether accepted or rejected, rich or poor, they are forever guided by that great and eternal constant – the creative urge. Let us cherish it and give all praise to God.”
John Coltrane

Coltrane - The Story of a Sound

One Messed Up “Society”


From 47% of Britons will develop cancer in their lifetime by 2020

“By 2020, 47% of the population will be diagnosed with cancer at some point before they die, according to projections drawn up by Macmillan Cancer Support.”

That is one messed up society … but there is good(!) news:

“Macmillan’s analysis includes good news too, though. It anticipates that the proportion of people who survive a diagnosis of one of the 200 or so forms of cancer will reach 38%.”

And after all is said and done:

“We also recognise that we need to be looking at how we can help cancer survivors get back into their day-to-day lives after their treatment is complete.”

Britons will be able to go back to their day-to-day cancer inducing life and maybe by 2020 they will have new statistics on percentages of people who have managed to survive cancer twice  – that is before they die.

British Future Quality of Life Scale: (1) Alive; (2) Survived Cancer; (3) Has Cancer; (4) Survived Cancer Twice; (5) Has Cancer 2nd Time; (6) Dead.

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