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Colombian Farmers Prosecuted for Saving Seeds


This movie came to me shortly after my contemplation on engineered death.

The results of a Free Trade agreement between the USA and Colombia: 2,000,000 tons of rice stolen from peasants – half of which was buried in landfills … in just one year … and that is just the opening act. Witness the debt machine systemically progressing

What strikes me most about this is that the attack is not just against farmers and rice. It is undermining the foundations of society itself – everything from the notion of legality through to relationships between local governance and people is being attacked. Maybe that’s a good thing Maybe it will give birth to new and better societies?

In my mind the problem probably goes even deeper. What about soil health and fertility? It is easy to blame chemicals for destruction of the soil – but what about the monocultural/industrialized farming methods? Is this really farming? I’m convinced that the big-ag companies agendas could care less about these subjects, yet maybe their misguided actions are part of a larger evolutionary process we are witnessing? Maybe we can’t have as much rice as we are used to having? In a roundabout way advanced non-sustainable agriculture is attacking primitive non-sustainable agriculture.

If nothing else then head to 38:10 for this important observation from Rafael Correa president of Ecuador:

“Not a single developed country exercised Free Trade during their development process. This is a common error when dealing with development … trying to do what those developed countries are doing now that they are the competitiveness champions … and not doing what they did when they had our relative level of development.”


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