“Weapons may have decorations on them to enhance the spirit of the warrior but they should primarily be built for durability.”
Miyamoto Musashi translated by Stephen F. Kaufman

The Martial Artist’s Book of Five Rings

Indra Adnan On New Politics, Soft Power and the Feminine


I am increasingly feeling disconnected from podcasts (and other materials) about subjects I care about (or think I care about!). I mostly feel that ideas are not well grounded and talk about (what strikes me as) disassociated fantasies. The latest wave of disappointment comes from this list from Richard Bartlett (whose work and person I admire very much!). But then I came across this podcast with Indra Adnan who talks about politics from a practical and actionable feminine perspective – a nourishing and soothing listening experience.

There were quite a few shimmering thoughts in the interview, but what stood out and stuck in my mind was an invitation to explicitly re-ask what politics is about – what are we coming together to do when we “do politics” … do we automatically inherit the (seemingly default) work of keeping the economic-growth machine running, or do we want something else … maybe the well-being of our society?

I also felt softly and intimately “seen” when she talked about people who have stepped outside of society and who have acquired tools and offerings that society needs. That also triggered some sadness in me as I don’t feel hopeful about that happening for me.

I am not currently engaged in anything political, but I did want to make a note of this so I can share with a few relevant people.


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  1. Robyn Marie Bors Veraart
    Posted January 21, 2019 at 8:57 pm | Permalink

    Thanks Ronan. Yes, unless consciously constructed, any work that we do, whether in politics or anywhere else, will, by default, end up going with the main stream… So happy to say that getting closer into political arenas is definitely on my agenda this year. Have been mightily influenced and inspired by our friend Elena Belloiu in Brasov and her new NGO “Femeile se Implica” and have plans with several women from the villages here to attend the meetings of the local government – just to be there and take notes! Just that witnessing, being there, breathing consciously, I sense can be a powerful act. Will listen to the podcast!

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