“Men have to be hooked. Women don’t need that. Women go freely into anything. That’s their power and at the same time their drawback. Men have to be led and women have to be contained.”
Carlos Castaneda

The Second Ring of Power

Yoga Practice & Well-Being Charts 2022 part 1


The experiment in charting my well-being continues through subjective Yoga-practice related indicators.

Monthly Charts

The monthly charts being 10 days before the beginning of the month and continue 10 days beyond its end in order to give the month some context.

6 Month Charts

The 6 month weekly median and daily charts stretch back into the previous half year and 3 weeks into the next half year in order to give this half year context.


  1. OpenCollective + Israel + Allergy – there is dip that starts at the end of April, is clear in May followed by a slow recovery in June. It is clearly visible in the 6 month charts. This is a convergence of me starting to work at OpenCollective, then visiting Israel for 3 weeks and returning to the yearly allergy period.
  2. Practice has been mostly regular (including, for the first time, while I was in Israel) and the charts show that when my physical well-being (body/asana) fluctuates so does my breath but that my breath is also subject to its own slightly more erratic nature.
  3. My breath is recovering both in the long term, mid-term (6 month scale) and short term. Yet, overall, the quality of my breath has been fairly consistent.
  4. I feel, and the graph confirms, that my quality of presence has slightly diminished, but overall I am surprised by how well it has responded to both this turbulent period and to being regularly immersed in work (I was curious how work would effect my presence!).
  5. My physical well-being and overall well-being seem to be a slow trajectory of recovery and improvement, but my presence seems to be lagging behind. Curious how this will continue to unfold as I move into what is typically a period of recovery and strengthening.

Allergy (yearly chart)

This chart is the one I was most curious to see. I felt (and continue to feel) that this year has been my “best” allergy year – in the sense that the symptoms and life disturbance have been minimal. I have felt this trajectory over years, but have never had data (subjective though it is) to back it up. This year, for the first time I do:

… and what a difference. Last year’s drop is clearly visible and it too was noticeably better than previous years (when I would have weeks of agitation, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, etc.) This year I have “dropped” to the levels it took me last year 3 months (July, August & October) to reach through recovery. In fact (I just checked my “logs”) this year I never felt that I had to adjust my practice to a cikitsā (recovery) modality at all.

I am grateful for the opportunity to look at this chart. I wish I could look further back in time and I am looking forward to visualizing years to come.

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