“One of the most joyous things we can do is to find our place, the land where we belong. Having found our place, we snuggle into it, learn about it, adapt to it, and accept it fully. We love and honor it. We rejoice in it. We cherish it. We become native to the land of our living.”
Carol Deppe

The Resilient Gardener

Unimportant Things


Its 2am – we’ve just moved to our new home. I can’t sleep. I got up, found and put together the pieces that make up the computer. I had a thought I wanted to share about “unimportant things”. Then I did a bunch of unimportant things (opening boxes, searching for parts, connecting cables, sorting power connectors, etc.) so I can write about “unimportant things” …  hmmmm…..

We moved from what is considered an urban area – into something different – I can’t define it yet. But things here go slower – there is time to really get things done. I feel at home with the pace of things here.

I realized that I (for some reason) categorized some things I do (such as cooking, washing dishes, driving, running errands, etc.) as “unimportant” – though I never quite acknowledged them as such… I do them because I have to, I do them to get them done, I do them because they are required for something else (more important), I do them because no one else, I do them impatiently, I do them thinking I would rather not be doing them.

After noticing this for a while – I realized that when I do something “unimportant” there is a contemplation and once I go through I feel lighter, I relax, I take the time to enjoy what I’m doing, I realize it’s actual as important (or not) as other important (or not) things I do! Importance, and other measures seem confusing and meaningless… I find this pleasing and amusing. Does this ever happen to you?

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