“Coltrane was always concerned with blazing ahead, one popular line of reasoning goes; he didn’t place much value into what he left behind him.”
Ben Ratliff

Coltrane - The Story of a Sound

Dear Friends at Mozilla Firefox


Dear Friends,

I have taken these few moments to write you because Firefox has had a place in my heart for quite some time – I have enjoyed it, benefited from it & passionately  recommended it to others.

Recently (some months) Firefox is failing terribly – it is constantly crashing. This causes much frustration because, as I am sure you know, the browser is an core application and most of what I do at the computer relies on it.

The real harm though is that Firefox is loosing it’s place in my heart. I have witnessed over the past years your amazing uphill battle to become a competitive browser and I have seen the world embrace you. To lose this would be a waste and a shame. Please don’t let this continue.

Please do what it takes to make Firefox work properly, please don’t leave a hard earned and well-deserved vacant space in my heart. Please be aware that this time, time is NOT on your side.

Respectfully Yours

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