“I mean really, whatever you woke up worrying about this morning, get over it. How important in the greater scheme of things can it possibly be? Make your peace and move on.”
Ken Robinson

The Element

Dear Child of Mine,


Please join us. It feels now like your presence has been with me from the first time I denied your existence – a very very long time. Most of these years I was afraid both for myself and for you. I wanted to figure out what’s going on in this thing called life. After all these years I can admit to you that I have failed – I haven’t figured it out, and I don’t think I ever will. But in the process unexpected things have happened which have made it possible for me to face you with open arms.

There were two things that I wanted before coming to you. I wanted to have money and I wanted to be happy, to be able to smile at you. While I have failed at money I have thrived in happiness. I am looking out at a beautiful view as we live closer to nature now. Your mother and I have created a huge space cushioned with embraces, care, appreciation and curiosity – a space I now recognize as your space. Our lives are filled with a sense of inspiration and purpose – and every morning we recognize and express our gratefulness for a clear sense of presence and direction when facing so much that is unknown to us.

I am curious about you. I believe you know our strengths and weaknesses, our passions and fears, our capacities and limitations –  and I am amazed that you have chosen to spend this life with us. I wonder what you bring with you and I am looking forward to changes that your presence bring into our journey. I have so much faith in you and so much hope when I think of you.

During my morning meditation you came to me again. As I embraced, you a single fear surfaced and brought tears to my eyes. Together with all the love and support you will find with us, I am afraid you may also face hunger. I can peacefully accept hunger for me as a consequence of the choices I have made, but I fear of making that choice for you. I truly fear this. As your presence nears us and will turn into a physical presence, so does my sense of complete surrender to my fears and questions. This sweet and beautiful and graceful path I am on, the very path that leads me to you, is also distancing me from many others, people that our livelihood depends on.

Please accept my apologies for any suffering you may experience once you occupy a physical body and join us. I will be there to embrace you, I will be there to listen, I will be there to learn, I will be there to guide, and I will be there to witness your suffering. I so wish I knew how to magically make that suffering go away. But I don’t.

Finally it seems that I am surrendering to you. I have great faith in you. I have great faith that your sweet and clear perception will guide you and perhaps even show me the way. When you do come, please know I am lost.

Your friend of many lifetimes

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  1. Sis
    Posted June 24, 2009 at 6:19 am | Permalink

    Dear brother, you should already know that not a sinlge member of you family will ever want. for anything. Let in the people who love you, trust them, and let them show their love for you.

  2. nurit hirsch
    Posted July 20, 2009 at 1:41 am | Permalink

    My beloved son.
    The day I gave birth to you was the brightest day in the world. All we wanted for you is to be happy, healthy and enjoy life.
    We respect your wishes and dreams and truely hope you will be able to fulfill them (even though our way of life differs from yours) and it saddens us when you seem to hit brick walls because the world is not ready for thinkers like you. Being a very smart and intelligent person, I have faith in you.
    I am the first to admit the world today is not very pleasant to live in and one has to compromise in order to fulfill one’s wishes. We do it willingly for the ones we love and I hope you will find the way to do it too.
    We love you and want you to know that we are here for you and your family whenever necessary.
    your loving parents.

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