“At the end of the day, meditation is recognized more by the beauty of the discoveries we make rather than by the number of facts we know.”
TKV Desikachar

What Are We Seeking?

A Yoga Sequence for Everyone


The following images/animations depict a short sequence anyone can do. Repeat each posture 4 times – which should take a few minutes (over time you may want to increase this to 6 or even 8 repetitions of each posture). The postures are accessible and yet each one has much depth to explore. It is a short sequence, requires a very small space and no special accessories (a quiet spot and a small rug) which can be softly introduced even into a busy and hectic daily schedule. If you do practice daily, try to practice regularly – at the same time & the same place.

As with any practice (short or long, soft or intense…) it is beneficial to take a few minutes to settle and arrive before beginning the practice, and a few minutes to settle and absorb at the end. Observing before and after the practice may, over time, give you some indication of it’s effects on you. You can find more ideas on how to approach a practice by reading about taking your first steps in yoga.

Clicking on an image/animation will lead to more details and guidance on each of the postures.

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