“I can't understand anything in general unless I'm carrying along in my mind a specific example and watching it go.”
Richard Feynman

Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman

Design is about Making Good Choices


When I was closer to the world of creating software I used to be an avid reader of Joel Spolsky. I have since placed more distance between myself and software – though it’s still a part of my life. One of the unique things about Joel is that he comes from a dominant engineering background but also sensitized (in practice and theory) with user experience and design. I have recently, on a whime, begun following Joel on Twitter – and this great lecture appeared today.

Though it is offered in the context of software (which is only mentioned for 2 minutes towards the end of the lcture) – it is a great talk about a wider concept of design. It is an accessible and enteraining talk – and if you are a computer user may be able to relate to the suffering inflicted on you by poor software design (which is abundant).

Oh … and if you noticed Joel mentioning Kathy Sierra and wondered who she is – here is a great talk she gave at a WordCamp SF 2008 and these are the remnants of ber blog.

Enjoy đŸ™‚

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