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I’ve long wanted to write about and acknowledge the one client (software design) I’ve truly enjoyed working with over the years. Today they inspired me to do it. I have no idea why this video-clip was created nor what game/competition it has been submitted to – but it is a great way to introduce Cyber-Ark:

I first met Cyber-Ark when I was working in a design consulting firm. The first project’s scope was limited (it was, to the best of my knowledge, their first product design process – so they were carefully testing the waters) to a web-client of one of their core products. Like many software/technology products it’s user experience reflected mostly the product’s internal/technical capabilities rather then a captivating user experience. The design process unveiled a very different product – way beyond what they were expecting. They were very attentive and receptive (they really are great people to work with) – but what amazed me was their brave decision to drastically delay their release schedule to make the time to create an excellent product. It paid off greatly and it’s effects spread throught the company (and we continued to work together with other projects and products).

The design firm has since closed it’s doors yet I’ve had the pleasure of doing additional design projects with Cyber-Ark. I am grateful for the recurring trust they have demonstrated in choosing to work with me and accommodating my approach, circumstances and wishes (which are not very conventional).

Though I generally consider my career to have ended 4 years ago, the crown of my career was the last project I did with Cyber-Ark (some months ago). It was the purest design process I have performed. They came to me with a core idea they wanted to develop into a design concept. The objective was to develop the core idea into something that could be communicated with others inside and outside the company – to collect feedback and make an assessment if the idea warrants further development. There was a time-frame but no deadline and the software development team was not breathing down our neck to deliver something they could create by yesterday. It was a patient and intriguing movement from an abstract thought into a potential product.

Mostly I look back at my career with doubts and questions. Most of my career I encountered debilitating mediocrity that wore me down and eventually out. I don’t know if it’s just Israeli hi-tech or if it is a general quality of hi-tech companies – but I didn’t enjoy my work – especially during the design (and final) phase of my career – most projects ended up feeling like missed opportunities. Cyber-Ark’s team, management and ultimately (selling!) products are the one (and only) confirmation I have (and  need) that I was doing something right and that quality can prevail in business.

This is great opportunity for me to acknowledge and thank the people at Cyber-Ark that trusted me and confirmed that I was doing something right. Thank you friends.

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