“At the end of the day, meditation is recognized more by the beauty of the discoveries we make rather than by the number of facts we know.”
TKV Desikachar

What Are We Seeking?

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-17

  • @zenpeacekeeper True, Yoga can make you a better <whateveritisyoudo>, but there is real magic in the other way around http://bit.ly/cgfXGu in reply to zenpeacekeeper #
  • separation leads to integration leads to separation leads to integration leads to separation … #
  • @zenpeacekeeper I looked at ur WordPress and it seems the theme has some errors … I’d be happy to try and fix it for you in reply to zenpeacekeeper #
  • @HarMichele what do you mean by progress? in reply to HarMichele #
  • Meditate to see where you are now rather then pretending you are somewhere else #
  • I found today’s Shakuhachi recording to be surprisingly smoothing http://bit.ly/adOt4Z #
  • @HarMichele Today I would say progress is about subtlety on the mat and peace in the face of change off the mat 🙂 in reply to HarMichele #
  • @zenpeacekeeper imagesize may make it go away, but there’s some comrpomised HTML in there which should fixed … to avoid future pains in reply to zenpeacekeeper #
  • we are in a bardo, our old life has died, and we will be flying 2 begin our new reborn life in Romania on Nov8 #
  • give it a minute and it will give you a wonderful lesson: http://bit.ly/bGTa7S #
  • @DominicMiller1 thank u! you may want to have a look/listen at/to this: http://bit.ly/c89Y4u in reply to DominicMiller1 #
  • a relative is dying of cancer, thinking of her, trying 2 “remember” her made me question what memory is … then time seemed to slow down #
  • how to add OGG (the free and open-standard alternative to MP3 file format) audio files to WordPress: http://bit.ly/apKeiC #
  • I like having my one special cup, I don’t like it when other people drink from it #
  • This morning’s Shakuhachi playing was to my aunt who’s soul departed as the air was flowing through the flute #
  • I offer it as a beacon so that two beautiful souls can find each other again in the endless ether #
  • this is my first intimate, conscious, knowing, involved, raw meeting with death … intense and soft #
  • I am so greatful for an elated stability that supports me when so many things around me are shifting and changing #
  • There is fear and sadness, and elation and joy, I can see the different qualities coming together to create what I know to be me #
  • I can feel the roots of the trees on the hill across the valley through the toes of my feet #
  • I can sense the entire sky in my lungs #
  • I can feel a moving car pulling at my center #
  • Everything is present with me in it #
  • I know that I will grow and that I will die #
  • There is no alone and there is no together #
  • I am coming together again … I’ve been attacked and I’ve survived #
  • it’s so infinite #
  • I know exactly what it is I invest my time in, I just can’t express to you what it is #
  • and there is MY coffee in MY cup … ha #
  • @mollydotcom thank u 🙂 whatever it is that we are, it can’t be contained in 140 characters 🙂 in reply to mollydotcom #
  • I know I’m repeating myself, but … purpose http://bit.ly/cFx0XD #

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