“…one should never turn to one’s left when facing the nagual...”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power



Are you here? Count down from 10 … really … do it … 10 …  9 …  8 …  7 …  6 …  5 …  4 …  3 …  2 …  1 …  0  … now think of someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while? Are you there? Can you hold an image of that person?

Now, in your heart, ask that person “Do you believe that souls exist?”. Regardless of what thoughts are streaming through you – whatever it is you are experiencing RIGHT NOW – that is a soul! It is a presence of another person. It’s that simple.

You may already be indulging in psychological, metaphysical or spiritual explanations … whatever your natural inclinations. But regardless of what you think, believe, accept or deny … that experience of another presence is all there is to it.

I can experience Andreeas presence in the other room sleeping.
I can experience Radus presence – who I met a couple of days ago.
I can experience my sisters presence – who replied to an email I sent earlier today.
I can experience my other sisters presence – who I haven’t heard from in weeks.
I can experience both of my grandfathers presences – both of whom passed away years ago.
I can experience my uncles presence – who I don’t get to speak to as often as I’d like to.
I can experience his wife – my aunts presence – who passed away 3 months ago.
I can experience a friends continuous presence over many years – who I haven’t seen and rarely spoken to in years.
I can sometimes experience other people experiencing my presence (without being in their physical presence).

I can experience my parents – but that is, to my utter surprise, a special double whammy – because I have also experienced their souls as separate from their physical presence. I have been in their presence and heard critical and hurtful words from their mouths and at the same time felt soothing and clear waves from their souls. It wasn’t always like this – I wasn’t always able to tell the two apart. Most of my life I was in the grasp of my parents’ physical presence and completely missed their alternate, and in retrospect truer, soul presence.

Now here’s a crazy thing my parents’ presences (both of whom still occupy physical bodies on this planet) inadvertently taught me. A souls presence can be at least as dominating, if not more so then a physical presence. At times, a soul’s presence can be more tangible and real then that of a physical presence. There you have it, my two well grounded, logical, reasonable, spiritually denouncing parents have taught me that a spiritual presence can be more substantial then a physical presence. I can experience my father, who I know reads my writing, reading these words before it’s even happened.

So now I’d like to really push the envelope – because the envelope has been really pushing me. If a soul’s presence can be felt regardless of physical presence – then it should be possible for me to experience souls who I have never met in this lifetime (in this physical body my soul now occupies). I can imagine this being far fetched for some (many?) people … but honestly … the more I consider it, the more it makes sense … and that brings some magical perspective into my life in recent years … and beyond.

Souls are everywhere – they are more powerful in shaping my thoughts, feeling and beliefs then people who are physically present in my life. It seems that somewhere in this highly intellectualized era in which we live I lost touch with a true life essence … and it was sitting right there all along … patient, quiet, determined … guiding my life all the same.

Are you still here?

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