“I like my books big but my banks small.”
Carol Deppe

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-01

  • "Fuck You, Pay Me" great presentation that touches on a vast stream of underlying violence I was happy to leave behind when my career ended #
  • @fredwilson reminds me why I am no longer in technology & business "Markets are defined by greed and fear" http://bit.ly/gpiIsk #
  • please excuse darkness of last 2 tweets … tomorrow I hope to write about our wonderful day yesterday – planting a first tree on our land! #
  • today is one of those days where she said "leave the dishes I will do them" and I fell for it … the sink is overflowing 🙂 #
  • it goes without saying that things that are said to go without saying actually do not … go without saying #
  • when I recognize that I am present I am no longer there. "re-cognition" insinuates that being present is without-cognition #
  • funny times we live in: satellite dishes ARE oriented for good reception but houses ARE NOT oriented for passive solar heating #
  • on Saturday we planted a Tilia tree: http://bit.ly/iaajvC #
  • @Shuliji I didn't know that "authentic spiritual teachers [need to] stay happily monogamous or celibate" … bummer 2b authentic 🙁 #
  • quote was taken from book description: http://amzn.to/fG2Pop … there is no room 4 "use" in any context in a teacher-student relationship #
  • so much intellectual masturbation in the world … can be as delusional as a fanatic religion #
  • agitated … really don't like interacting with the bureaucracies of the world around me … painful #
  • a time-travel video through 7 years of evolution – from dirt to a producing food-forest: http://bit.ly/krWJki #
  • I am ill … it's been a very long time since I was ill … #

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