“When your actions describe a system of evil consequences, you should be judged by those consequences and not by your explanations.”
Frank Herbert

Children of Dune

Eggs Topple Guru


Bill Cosby once told a great joke about his karate teacher. His teacher taught him to break bricks with his bare hands and explained that it is mind over matter – “when you hit the brick you have to be thinking ‘I am going through the brick'”. Until one day his teacher encountered a brick that was thinking “no you’re not”. With that in mind …

A while back I came across Tim Ferris in a video of a nice talk he gave at WordCamp San Francisco. When I looked a bit more into him I couldn’t find something substantial to relate to. However, I did come across this entertaining video where he shows a neat trick on how to peel hard boiled eggs:

I’ve gotten quite a few laughs from people by doing this. I’ve also been amused that this is what I recieved from this modern-day guru-like figure. Until …

A few days ago we came back from a visit our soon-to-be village with a gift of fresh foods from our soon-to-be neighbors – this included fresh eggs. I boiled some of the eggs and went to apply the Tim Ferris Hard Boild Egg Peeling Technique (TFHBEPT for short) – and I failed miserably with all the eggs. This isn’t the first time it’s happened to me – we’ve had village eggs numerous times- but it’s the first time a big smile came to my face as I realized that the TFHBEPT (pronounced “tee af aich bept”) only works with industrialized eggs not real ones.

If you’ve never encountered real eggs (as I hadn’t for most of my life) then you are missing out on a real treat. They have a rich taste and their yellow is a thick beautiful yellow-orange color. Their shells are thicker and peeling them takes a bit more time … it is more meditative and less entertaining 🙂

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