“Real art is not knowing where you are going, but are listening intently to something you don’t understand. And if your ego doesn’t interfere, this something you don’t understand may guide you to much more than you ever expected.”
Robert Pirsig

October 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-01

  • snow held off until christmas day and this morning it's finally blanketed the world around us – may the earth find rest in the coming months #
  • oh and I think I forgot to mention that we have an owl that lives with us here in Bhudeva – beautiful and vocal creature 🙂 #
  • Israel and I – a personal story of how society breeds crime http://t.co/G2FWkJgI cc: @restoracircles #
  • considering letting go of rainwater harvesting on our #earthship and putting in a living roof http://t.co/1HcNAruf #
  • our water infrastructure continued: choosing between a surface pump and a submersible pump http://t.co/oX5Xg1RW #
  • a couple of days ago two of our cocks attacked each other and fought until they were both bloodied … too many males for a small flock #
  • so we exchanged one of them for a female from our neighbors … and today she gave us our 1st egg today 🙂 #
  • we're hoping our younger females will take a cue from her … Andreea setup laying boxes … so we'll see what comes 🙂 #
  • wow … not only has another week flashed by, but another month and another year! sheesh … slow down! #
  • wondering what would happen if DIY solar systems were incorporated indoors in an Earthship http://t.co/2yyGpInI #
  • REAL snow, stay-snow has come down during the night … all the bare tree branches are fluffed with a thick cover of snow … fantastic! #
  • @dallasclayton wouldn't it be amazing if 25 million christmas trees were planted instead of cut down every year? #
  • even though there is bright light outside the earth seems asleep and resting under a beautiful blanket of snow #
  • check out this excellent animation of how a Global Model Earthship is built http://t.co/fY4Yw1vM #
  • with a backdrop of white snow our white dog is either not so white or very dirty #
  • @lifeinromania just watched all 6 episodes … great job … I hope ur able to persist with this as there is soooo much more to explore 🙂 #
  • @lifeinromania as I watch interviewees I find myself reflecting less on their answers & more on them … so much to see beneath the surface #
  • @twitter must be doing something "right" … every time I speak out I get a return wave of spam! #
  • @Anti_Intellect the world ends all the time … humans simply have a huge & mostly childish misconception about what that means 🙂 #
  • @Anti_Intellect Something of the world ends whenever we learn something new and an old concept is left behind #
  • @Anti_Intellect something of the world ends when doubt invades confidence #
  • @Anti_Intellect something of the world ends when a precious moment fades away and takes the preciousness with it #
  • @Anti_Intellect something of the world ends when someone close to me leaves their physical body #
  • @Anti_Intellect something of the world ends when I fall asleep … something new begins when I wake up in the morning #
  • @Anti_Intellect something in the world will end (for me and for others) when I will leave my body behind #
  • @Anti_Intellect see … funny thing is that (to me at least) it isn't a metaphor 🙂 #
  • @Anti_Intellect I invite you to check out these two quotes of two authors about death: http://t.co/XigfvFwv #
  • @Shuliji multumesc mult 🙂 #
  • a little something I carry from my Samkhya studies with @yogastudies : squeeze oranges get orange juice, squeeze humans get inquiry juice 🙂 #
  • dogs just chased off another gypsy boy looking to make a quick buck by singing for us for the new year … good dogs! #
  • here's is where we live and what we've managed to achieve in the 7 months since we moved out to Bhudeva http://t.co/hwDicTaK 🙂 #

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