“Knowledge for a warrior is something that comes at once, engulfs him, and passes on.”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power



I’ve been thinking a lot about facts recently … well actually for a long time. Yesterday as I was chopping wood (one of my favorite empty-roaming-mind-activities) some clarity hit me and left me with an understanding that there are three kinds of facts 🙂

Mostly Wrong

Most taken for granted facts of life (at least in my life) seem to fall into this category. They are often born very convincing (the earth is flat) but then go through a process of deterioration – sometimes fast, sometimes exruciatingly slow. Most people, when they speak of facts, speak of these facts as if … well … they were a matter-of-fact … or even build entire universes of other facts on top of other unspoken facts – and I have a hard time taking them seriously – I tend to laugh inside but I do try to be respectful.

Sometimes Right

An undisputed fact is personal experience. It cannot be argued – it is what it is – a very personalized process of perception which sends ripples of emotions, thoughts, insights, energy and action. Perception can be right but it can also be wrong. Perception can also be tricky because it is purely personal experience and any attempt to share and communicate it is merely a shadow of the experience itself. So while perception is mostly fact it can be pretty hard to embrace it as such.

“Sometimes Right” facts are fast-faders – they come fresh with experience but then began to fade into conception … actually into preconceptions. Preconceptions tend to breed misperceptions and so, in a vicious cycle most “Sometimes Right” facts have either deteriorated or are in a process of deteriorating into “Mostly Wrong” facts.Some very rare “Sometimes Right” facts have matured over the history of mankind into “Always True” facts.

Always True

I feel I’ve been gifted for quite some time to have been visited by truths in this lifetime. They came to me in the last quarter of my life so I’m still new to them. These are “facts” that come through my spiritual teachings and experiences … and to be honest … calling them facts doesn’t sit well with me. To me these are assumptions, deep spiritual/metaphysical assumptions about the workings of life. As they come together they merge into a kind of faith … my own faith.

I live with them not because I’ve put them through rigorous logical tests but because (a) they feel good (often from the moment they appeared in my life); (b) I was able to embrace them without understanding them; (c) they have withstood the unrelenting friction of life much more then many other “Mostly Wrong” and “Sometimes Right” facts that have come up short.


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