“What is called good is perfect and what is called bad is just as perfect.”
Walt Whitman

Raymond, Twitter, Vagina


If the title of this doesn’t make sense to you … well … yeah!

I was just enjoying a round of back and forth twittering with @raymondpirouz and one of the “topics” (if you can use that word in a conversation made in units of 140 characters) was Intellectual Knowledge … as a growth industry.

This conversation was being had on twitter, which outside my blog is the only other “social presence” I have (and it too is funneled back into my blog). Twitter, I think most would agree, is a … umm … member!? of the “Intelectually Growth Industry” no?  It is a leading internet companies, catering to many millions of people, run by smart technologists backed by smart investors … no?

Well twitter, it seems, wants me to engage it more (I believe the intellectual word for this is “the attention economy”) and one”intellectual” way they’ve come up with to do that is to show me “Worldwide Trends” which, if I click, will suck me further into the universe of twitter and consume more of my attention (make me poorer and twitter richer … in the “attention economy”). I never look at this and so naturally never click it. However Andreea wanted to read up on my conversation with Raymond and she took my computer and after a bit of reading asked me if I noticed the “Worldwide Trends” and I said that I know its there but never look at it. To which she, an intellectual being, replied “yeah, but have you seen it?” …. ahum … so I indulged her and this is what I saw (click the image to enlarge … ahum … the image):

twitter's vagina

That’s …. I don’t know what that is … but despite all my efforts I can’t get “intellectual” into the list of adjectives that would describe it.

Oh and  this is where it all got started: “The ex-chairman of the Federal Reserve himself testified that all his assumptions (based on vast amounts of data) had been wrong.” … is that a fact?

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