“I distrust the extremes. Scratch a conservative and you find someone who prefers the past over any future. Scratch a liberal and find a closet aristocrat.”
Frank Herbert

God Emperor of Dune

Together, Aware


Discipline is a skill, a quality … it isn’t inherently a good or bad thing. Like any other skill it can be functional or dysfunctional.

We are living a life where discipline is required. We chose this life … well not exactly this life but an unknown life … the unknown life we arrived at requires discipline. Many things are transient, they are not as we would want them to be, they can be made better … it takes time. Living this way can be less comfortable and requires more effort. Discipline is a motivation for effort that compensates for lack of comfort.

Discipline is a quality I have. She does not.

This, in a natural flow, shifts effort on to my shoulders and away from hers.

Many times I don’t like this. It makes me angry. It makes me tired … physically and emotionally.

It demands more of me. More discipline.

Her lack of discipline pushes me into further developing and practicing my own discipline.

It makes me spiritually stronger.

My strengthened discipline further feeds her lack of discipline. The more I can do the less she needs to.

We both know this. We experience friction because of it. We talk about it.

This is a movement we created together. It strengthens me and weakens her.

I don’t want to weaken her. I want her to be stronger. She wants to be stronger.

We are aware. We are together.


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