“At the end of the day, meditation is recognized more by the beauty of the discoveries we make rather than by the number of facts we know.”
TKV Desikachar

What Are We Seeking?

False Beauty


I am sitting in the airport in Bucharest awaiting boarding a flight to Israel. I arrived by a brief (50 minute) evening flight from Cluj to Bucharest so the world was wrapped in warm sunset light and deepening shadows. As I observed the world I was awed by the power of us humans to shape our world.

When the flaps of the plan opened I saw some of their internal machinery – metal plates, pipes, screws, spring … all working together … and I thought what a masterful insrtrument the airplane was.

I saw numerous roads under construction … especially the elegant ‘s’ shapes of on and off ramps in the works … that connected side roads (some of which do not yet exist) to the main road. I tried to imagine how they went about just laying out on the ground such a perfect shape (as seen from sitting in airplane high above) … then the tremendous amounts of materials and work that were needed to build up these elegant shapes to support the weight of moving traffic.

Most of all though I was overwhelmed by the vast straight lines of fields where food is grown. Many of these fields have been either recently plowed or planted … some still bare brown others already overtaken by green. These fields stretched as far as my eye could see … except for high mountain ranges … and became denser and tightly arranged closer to populated areas.

Amongst the fields that were patches of woods … some gently covering curvy hills … othersending in abrupt straight lines as they arrive at roads or fields. At the ends of the woods I could see thin lines of entire trees … each such thin line a mass of energy … a few trees can keep a room warm through a cold winter.

After moving into a village life, closer to nature, closer to self-sustenance … I now view these straight fields as a disaster. I know that from up close their earth is dying. Nothing grows there any more without chemicals … nothing should … nature doesn’t grow massive quantities of single crops in straight lines. Nature relies on diversity and chaos … it achieves order on different scales.

Yet what struck me the most was thinking of how beautiful the fields were … despite knowing what I know about them … and I wondered then about beauty. How did I arrive at such a perception of beauty … one that I know represents terrible devastation. Where did I learn this false-beauty? Were there other false-beauties in my consciousness. Would I  recognize them? Would I be able to get past them?

Disclaimer: when I wasn’t looking at the world outside the window I was reading the Samkhya Karika.

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