“Technology is anything that was invented after you were born.”
Alan Kay

Beware of Society


What follows is all based on heresay from 2 sources here in the village. We have (so far) no direct information on what really happened.

A 23 year old young woman comes home for the holidays (she is a student in Bucharest) to visit her parents in a neighboring village.

One morning a very old man (who has been saying his time has come to leave this earth) with no immediate family knocks on her door. He asks her to drive him to the village (we have often given people a ride on that very same path) to buy some groceries. Though she wasn’t really keen on going out she didn’t have the heart to refuse and agreed.

Just on the outskirts of their village (and where ours begins) her car lost traction, slipped off the road and flipped. The old man died. She was not physically harmed but went into a hysterical shock for two days.

Everyone says about her that she is a good and responsible person. No one in the community blames her.

The police have charged her with some kind of manslaughter (we don’t know the legal technicalities) and they say she will be sentenced to 2 years in prison.

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