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Republicans and Idiocy


For the past few hours I’ve started a journey of discovery of Frank Zappa. In it I came across this video:

The most positive thoughts I’ve been able to hold when it comes to Republican politicians in the USA is a weak excuse that “they weren’t always as they are today, they used to stand for something”. Yet as I watched this video (from 1989 = over 20 years ago) I couldn’t help but think that Republicans and idiocy have been tightly coupled for a long time. I am not using Idiocy as a pejorative … I am using it to describe an under-developed mental capacity. Assuming that USA democracy is, if nothing else, representative, then their sustained presence in USA politics indicates (to me) the presence of a large (and sustained) demographic of … idiots.

I also feel a need to discern between these people and conservatives. Conservatism is potentially a tempering and reflective energy in times of intense change, it can direct us to hang on to something that supports us while allowing something newer to mature. Republicans seem to want to go back in time under the guise of conservatism not because they value something from the past but because they fear something from the future. They are unable to face an unknown and can not sustain change. They use faulty logic, twisted facts and superficial drama to drown out in depth conversation, dialogue and argument. They are not conservatives … they are idiots.

It makes me see education in a new light … both the failures of existing education paradigms … and a critical need for alternate paradigms. A political, or any other kind of, debate simply cannot be had when one side is incapable of participating.

I wonder if there is another kind of Republican voice, maybe one that is more intimate, behind the scenes, less in need of media and populism … a voice that offers a coherent position … I honestly can’t imagine such a Republican voice …

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