“Technology is anything that was invented after you were born.”
Alan Kay



Andreea woke up in the early dawn hours with abdominal pains.

I had a smooth morning, got to practice Yoga, got to write about wanting to practice Yoga and the obstacles on the way.

We went out, planned to go visit Ildi & Levente and to purchase some food from them, get some bread from the village. We get into the car, start it, Andreea’s phone rings (it’s Levente), I begin to back out of the driveway … we hear a yelp.

NG was about 6 weeks old and when we brought her home from Ildi & Levente and she was with us for just under 2 weeks. I am guessing I ran over her neck or chest … she was having trouble breathing. Andreea got to her first. There was a little hope for a very short time. I could feel her heart weakening. Within a few minutes NG was gone. She had 4 loving hands and Andreea’s tears falling on her (mine came a bit later when I placed her in the earth). She was not injured or maimed, she was not squished into a bloody pulp … she had no external injury … she struggled a bit … and then died with powerful clarity.


She was our first un-messed-up puppy … no hiccups in her early life. The first time we went to see her, on the way there, her name appeared in my consciousness. Indy refused to interact with her, Ricky took her in like a mother. She was to grow up to be a big dog.


We went to the village, sent some mail, got some bread. The old man who lives next to the post-office who we buy home-made wine from every year came to us and gifted us with a bottle of wine. We visited Ildy & Levente and came back with marvelous green food. Indy and Ricky were waiting for us at the edge of the driveway. NG was with the whole time.

… yet I am writing this post here because it doesn’t feel like NG had a chance to be with us at Bhudeva. She cried all night for two nights when we brought her home and began to settle in and wander further away from the house … but that was all.

I don’t know yet what message or gift she came to give us, but I can feel its presence. For now I am content living with it without knowing it.

Andreea’s abdominal pains disappeared immediately when NG died.

Dense, very dense.

Update from Andreea:

Angy  as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Angy), is a variant of Angel (Greek), and the meaning of Angy is “messenger; messenger of God”.


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