“This time, however, my fear was a true novelty. It came from an unknown part of the world and hit me in an unknown part of myself.”
Carlos Castaneda

Journey to Ixtlan

radio-frequency id-tagged seven-day cows


This post was written to bookmark and share an article titled Americas Artificial Heartland

It is almost an important article to read … almost because for me it resonated strongly with Robert Pirsig’s views on Quality (in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance) and our blindness to it due to a ancient man-made division between what Pirsig calls classical (favoriting structure, logic, sciences, etc.) and romantic (favoriting integration, hollism, etc.) views. The article gives a stark example of this destructive living division in consciousness as it exists today in American society (and from there is spreading like an infection across the planet).

Ironically, the author himself seems to manifest this division. The article benefits from a substantial subject matter. It could have been more clear, concise and penetrating in more plain-spoken language. Instead it struggles to elegantly-twist in complex sentences, fancy wording and redundant poetics and undermining the power of its message.

As I read it I picked out some quotes but when I viewed them outside the whole context of the article they felt fragmented and lifeless. So no shortcuts on this one, if you want to know what its about it you are going to have to read it from start to end.

this came to me via Arthur

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