“Things which are different in order simply to be different are seldom better, but that which is made to be better is almost always different.”
Dieter Rams

Humans Need Not Apply


Poignant video about jobs that are going or gone and not coming back:

A few thoughts came to me while watching:

  1. Despite all my following reservations – the story that is described in it is already unfolding and probably unavoidable. However
  2. Food: Not all food is created equal. Most of the industrially produced food is not considered food in my life nor in the lives of many of the people I know. Most industrially grown foods are at best deficient and often out right poisonous (they don’t kill immediately, but they do so slowly and surely .. and there is plenty to kill before the body actually dies). Quality is not part of the food equation, and I believe it is missing from many of the elements that underly the story told of the video.
  3. Scything: There was a flashing image of a man holding a scythe – exemplifying a “primitive” way of doing things in what is becoming an automated machine world. I am a proud owner of two quality scythes and am getting better at using them. I am in the midst of an ongoing project that requires scything and collecting of hay. My scything project is about building and rehabilitating soils. I resisted the temptation to hire a tractor to do the job because doing so would have caused soil compaction (which destroyes soil life). There were other choices I made which are not the default patterns of hay cutting (many of which are detrimental to soil health). These default choices are the kind that were made thousands of years ago and ultimately shaped the middle east as we know it. What other such choices are we making by relying more on automation?
  4. Horses: There is a forgone conclusion in this video thas for some reason isn’t mentioned. If horses have been in decline since 1915 (due to being phased out by machines), then shouldn’t we expect a similar decline in humans?

Self-driving cars may be better than human-drive cars. But that does not apply to food … and other things. We need to be more discerning abut Quality if we want to move towards a better future. Lack of Quality is currently shaping the job market , what effects will Quality have on it?

source: Matt Mullenweg


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