“The intelligence of the mind can’t think of any reason to live, but it goes on anyway because the intelligence of the cells can’t think of any reason to die.”
Robert Pirsig




I love being inspired. I love it when it comes from within and when it doesn’t I love that I have accumulated people who’s presence is a source of inspiration for me. I try to navigate my life so that I approach everything I do with inspiration. I was raised to take on responsibilities seriously. This, to me, meant that when I “needed” to do something it “needed” to be done at any price. Things have changed. When I feel uninspired, I try to do something to get inspired rather then doing something then shouldn’t be done without inspiration.

I remember being a very diligent student – I studied hard and had good grades. But, as I got older, I felt studies required more and more effort on my part – the inspiration seemed to diminish. In my first high-school year I had a very old lady for a mathematics teachers. She was very straightforward, strict and clear in her teaching. I loved her lessons and would usually do more homework then was requested – because I was moved to learn. She retired at the end of the year. The next year I met a new teacher – who seemed at war with everyone. My grades crashed and I was on the verge of failing.

I respond very quickly and very effectively to inspiration. For example, for years I have been meeting my Yoga teachers primarily for inspiration. Of course there is also knowledgeable learning, but it is assimilated through the inspiration which is at the heart of the meeting.

I feel that my life rides on waves and everything that I do is carried on and effected by these waves. If I am riding high – then my doing is too. If I am riding low – well then I should probably resting or seeking inspiration and not doing – cause the doing ain’t gonna be impressive at all. Sometimes I can affect the waves and other times I realize that they are a force of nature – and that I simply need to ride them out.

During my work with Shahar he once told me (and has repeated it since) that by simply being around someone who I find inspiring there is an immediate communicated learning – he said that the knowledge simply “sticks” – and that all I have to do is nothing – nothing to disturb that natural process. He was right. It happened one day, I was simply doing something new, something I hadn’t done before. Knowledge had passed to me by recognizing the inspiration and allowing myself to be present in it. It then took it’s time to absorb and become available to me – and then suddenly it was with me.

I urge you to fill your life with inspiration – though it may sometimes seem hard to find – the sources are abundant. It also feeds itself – you find a little inspiration and that inspiration will lead you to some more. Life without inspiration is…. uninspired – it is dull, repetitive, tasteless and it drags along pointlessly. Get inspired!

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