“... once any one difference of any sort, even an idea, exists anywhere, then it demands or creates conditions for the evolution of subsequent events.”
Bill Mollison

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Trigger Point: Consciousness


I just came back from a … music performance. I went with three friends – the only thing they liked about is that it was over. I didn’t like it either but I enjoyed it greatly … as I thought it over and talked about it on the way home – I found a metaphor to describe my experience – trigger points!

A trigger point is (to my understanding) a point within muscle tissue that acts as a kind of over-ride for a muscle. Trigger points are used in massage as a mechanism to relax muscles. Muscles have a kind of built in tension gage – when the tension gets too high the muscle surrenders to protect itself from damage. A typical example of this can be found in arm wrestling – when the tension on the muscle is just too high – it gives in – you lose the match but you win the muscle tissue. A masseuse uses this reflex to induce relaxation. By working the trigger point (you know this is going on when you feel pain!) the masseuse tricks the muscle to think it is overloaded – the response relaxation kicks in.

The music performance did not cater to my ears – instead it worked at my consciousness. It did not aim to please – it pressed hard against the attention muscle. My friends were aggravated – they carried away tension. I experienced release – I surrendered to the pressure by turning my attention inwards. From there I found myself captivated by other subtle elements – sounds, gestures between the players and so on.

On the way home we were driving on a freeway for a few minutes and a window in the backseat was open. As a result there was a thumping-humming sounds coming from the window – and I was enchanted by it. I wanted to continue listening to it more then the few minutes I was given. The conversation in the car seemed to pass over me, my sight seemed focused in one direction (luckily it was forward – since I was driving a car). I felt as it my attention was tightly condensed and yet completely relaxed! Go figure….

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