“To die with elation is a crappy way of dying… A warrior dies the hard way. His death must struggle to take him. A warrior does not give himself to it.”
Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Power

This Morning


I woke early this morning, just after 5am, sneezing with a runny nose. I’ve had some kind of allergic reaction for many days now. I surrendered to it when it arrived, got out of my bed and on with my day. This morning the allergy surprised me because it had let up over the past day or two (I think Andreea made some kind of personal sacrifice to make it go away).

There were very fierce winds outside. Though we live in the hills, the winter is pretty much over and the winds were not typical. Around 6:30 I got an SMS from Doron and we set to meet at 07:00 to go for a walk. I stepped outside to find that the air was warm despite the intense winds. As I started walking I really took in the wind, it felt like a powerful force of change. It seemed to have an agenda. I though that wind is my element and opened up my arms to take it in and let it take me.

On the way I picked up a rock. It called to me. There didn’t seem to be anything special about it, but it did call to me. I picked it up and took it with me. If fit nicely in my hand. The wind was unbelievable. It was all over the place with no clear direction. It’s sound had layers – there was a sound close to the ear of howling, there was rustling in the trees, there was a roaring sound coming from high in the sky, like a jet plane, only it wasn’t passing by it was steadily there, and there were also short moments of silence.

I reached Doron at 07:00 as planned and we set out for a walk in the hills. We had a chance to touch base, we don’t meet often and rarely have time to share, Doron is a very busy person. We talked about our lives, work, about life in general. It was a nice walk. There was revealing and revelation in the air. The wind did not relent. What powerful forces of change.

When we reached Doron’s place we separated and I continued on my way home. It was now just past 08am. I noticed the rock again in my hand, I had forgotten about it though it was me the whole time. By now the rock was a power object. Shortly after it came back to my attention I saw on the left side of the street a young boy, he was waiting for a school bus. He noticed me too, and shifted position to see me. He was standing behind a low fence and he came near the fence to look over it at me. As I saw him move I realized the stone in my hand was for him. I approached him, handed him the stone and told him it was a magical stone and that he should it keep with him all day.

He accepted the stone from me in both hands and the first thing he did with it was take it to his nose and smell it. I wished him a good day and continued my way home.

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