“Finally, I don’t understand humans. We line up and make a lot of noise about big environmental problems like incinerators, waste dumps, acid rain, global warming and pollution. But we don’t understand that when we add up all the tiny environmental problems each of us creates, we end up with those big environmental dilemmas.”
Joseph Jenkins

The Humanure Handbook

2 Years of Feminitate


My energy is really messed up (it has been since yesterday)… is there a tsunami happening some where?

Anyways I didn’t want to put off this small celebration … because a celebration really is in order.

During most of our years together Andreea swore she would never come back to Romania. A few years ago she had a hebrew website around femininity – it didn’t strike a chord with Israeli women. Then out of nowhere … and all of a sudden she asked to create a Romanian speaking website on the same theme. Feminitate has been online for 2 years now and I am writing this short post from a rented apartment in Romania.

Feminitate has about 200 articles on various aspects of Feminity including health, fertility, pregnancy, birth and awareness. It currently sees about 500 visitors a day who view ~2000 pages of content. It has reached  over 160,000 visitors who have read over 620,000 pages of content.

It’s most viewed page with over 24,000 views is a page explaining the basics of female anatomy. This page is, to me, a landmark achievement. It isn’t about some fasionable or entertaining topic – it’s literally an anatomy lesson that has reached thousands of Romanian-speaking women. Sure, it has a picture of a vagina on it so that main have gained some indirect traffic but this page about cervical mucus (I know way more than I care to admit about female anatomy) was viewed over 23,000 times and it doesn’t have any pictures on it.

Not only has Feminitate led us to Romania but it is a core energy that shapes everything we do. Even now, when Feminitate is in 2nd place on our list of priorities, our 1st priority – creating a home – grows out of Feminitate – as our home is destined to become a physical manifestation where Feminitate can transcend posts, comments and email and grow into physical presence and contact.

On days like this, when I feel really lousy and filled with fear in the face of so much unknown, Feminitate and the tapestry of our lives into which it is woven is a bright and shining and comforting and supporting light.

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